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Eager student

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Eager student

Postby Jackson » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:30 pm

I have been interested in smoking for as long as I can remember. Watching the men in my family smoke turned me on from a pretty young age and I just knew that one day I would be just like them. My dad is in the military and a heavy smoker as are most of his army friends. Dad easily smoked two packs of Reds a day, if not more.
When I was 12/13 I started hanging around when they came over, fetching their beers from the fridge so most knew me pretty well. Around this time I also started sneaking cigarettes from my parents packs whenever I could.
One day I was smoking in the park near our house when I all of a sudden heard, heah Jackson enjoying that. I almost jumped right out off my skin, uhm yes sgt. Harris, shit, shit shit I was busted. It is even better if you inhale the smoke buddy, see he said as he showed me how to do it. It took some practice but man this was good. After another cigarette we went our separate ways. I dreaded coming home because I was sure he immediately told my dad what happened. So when nothing happened the next couple of days I started to feel confident enough again to take a couple of cigarettes and practice my inhaling.
About two weeks later when my dad came home he came into my room and said Jackson we need ro talk he had an ashtray with him so I knew it would be a pretty long talk. Tim (sgt. Harris) tells me you have started smoking, how long have you been doing so. I knew there was no way I could deny it so told him the truth, a while now, dad. Where do you get your cigarettes, are you stealing them from mom and me? Another affirmative. Well that has to stop he said next. Cigarettes are not cheap, if you want to smoke you will have to pay for them fom now on. He lit up and I noticed he inhaled deeply and most of the smoke came out off his nose, something else I must learn how to was all I could think of. How much do you smoke Jackson, a couple of times a week dad I told him. You know smoking is bad for you don't you, I guess I said but I like it anyway just like you dad, that made him smile and he lit up again. I now started feel like smoking myself but didn't dare ask for a cigarette. So far dad didn't seem mad at me for smoking but I wasn't sure about it. So you want to keep on smoking I guess, yes dad I said. As you are only 13 years old there is no way you can buy cigarettes yourself yet, have you thought about that yet Jackson. Uhm no dad I said, which was the trurh, the thought that I might not be able to get cigarettes had never crossed my mind.
Let me think about it son he said as he got up to leave. I was relieved and a little sad, dad was not mad at me but didn't allow me to smoke yet either. As I sat sulking on my bed I saw dad had not only left the ashtray in my room but also his pack of cigarettes. When I picked it up I saw at least half the pack was still left and of course I lit up right away and boy did it feel good. I was so concentrated on getting the smoke come out off my nose that I didn't hear my father come back into my room. Fuck Jackson that is my pack I all of a sudden heard. Sorry dad I said I really felt like smoking, oh I can see that son, keep the pack and he left.
The next morning at breakfast dad was smoking and drinking coffee behind his newspaper on the porch as usual, so I grabbed my bowl of cereal and joined mom and my brother at the table. As I was finishing my cereal dad called and asked if I cared to join him outside. Mom said it was ok, he probably wants to talk to you about your smoking, Jackson. When I got outside dad asked me if I wanted a cigarette which surprised me but of course I did. Mom and I had a talk he said as he lit me up and it is clear to me that you like smoking and I know from back when I was starting out that nothing is going to stop you from smoking anymore.
We will let you smoke at home from now on but I don't want you getting caught smoking again out In public.
I still had my pack dad gave me the day before and of course I already had a lighter so was all set and over the moon. That was the day I truely became a smoker and started smoking daily. At first I would join dad out on the poarch every day after breakfast but after a couple of weeks I headed straight outside after coming down to smoke before having breakfast. After a couple of days of me doing so dad told me I was a real smoker now, you are clearly hooked son needing a smoke first thing before breakfast is a sure sign.
The next time dad's army buddies came over everybody but sgt. Harris was surprised to see me smoke but all were cool about it and I heard a lot of stories how they all started and how and when they caught their kids smoking. They also taught me how to dangle, talk while dangling, how to do nose jets and snap inhales and I loved it all.
Soon I had a hard time not smoking during the day and started sneaking a cigarette during breaks at school, so it wasn't long before my class mates found out I smoked and many were pretty impressed by it.

As I grew older I realized there was more to my smoking and fascination with smoking guys and I realized I had never had a girlfriend or any interest in a girlfriend, ergo I must be gay. This didn't stop me from joining the Marines after highschool but I kept my sexuality to myself. Only after I returned to civil life was I openly gay, much to my parents and most of my friends surprise.
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