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since 1993

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This forum is devoted exclusively to sharing our individual gay male Smoke Starts & fetish evolution. It is the ONLY permanent collection of it's kind on the internet.

It is also the most popular revisited forum on this website.

So ... light up, and tell us how you got started smoking and even how your fetish evolved.

since 1993

Postby smokinhick28 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:52 am

I started smoking summer 1993 at age 10. My buddy used to steal winston select from a gas station, and some times would treat me to Marlboro reds from a local Marsh supermarket. The gang of us used to smoke under the church, on nature trail, or in clubhouse in wooded area that the path led out into a large cemetary, yes 1993 was the year I discovered Marlboro country
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Re: since 1993

Postby joshpayne » Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:01 am

Think most of us started like that..except I had two mentors…before I turned 12…my uncle and my cousin's chain smoking husband…taught me all I know…how to inhale the right way, exhales, nose jets, rings, lung absorbs…all of it…with marb reds…smoking em since then except now smoke red 100s….they also got me into smoking and inhale gars and pipe soon after…even vape now for when I absolutely cannot smoke somewhere or something…better than not being able to smoke at all.

Love camming and skyping with other smoke lovers so feel free to invite me to your Skype or give me urs and will invite u to mine…

Skype name: geremias.veracruz (josh payne & dragonsmoker on fm & smokingmen) nyc area

Hope to hear from alot of you!

Keep lit men… Josh!
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