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roid rage

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roid rage

Postby redsandroids » Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:37 pm

I have been using steroids for close to 5 years now and am huge because of it.
As this was my goal I am happy I did move over to the darkside as lifting naturally didn't give me the body I was after.
After about a year I started getting more and more agressive and my lifting buddies told me not to worry, it is just roid rage Mikey, happens to the best of us. One of them suggested I should start smoking as smoking relaxed him a lot.
I was aghast, ruin this body no way. But after I almost hit my wife one night during an argument over something futile. My then 8 month old son was also in the room and the thought I might hurt him terrified me. I stormed out off the room and drove to a gas station and bought a couple of packs of Reds and started smoking right then and there.
I started smoking only when I felt the agression rise at first but after a couple months realized I now often lit up without really thinking about it That was nearly 4 years ago and I now smoke 30-40 Reds a day and feel teriffic, no more roid rage. I never thought I would be a smoker but it has been a good decision. Smoking does relax me and I might have started smoking to help against my roid raid but I picked up a habit which I really enjoy. I now smoke because I love to smoke and am happy to be smoking as much as I do.
I have a body that to me is close to perfection and on the inside I have blackening lungs slowly filling up with tar. That damaging aspect really turns me on.
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